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Understanding yourself (Smart Study Book episode 1)

I believe to find yourself on the route of education you have decided and perhaps you have a vision and purpose for your study. If you are pushed to go the school way then thats another case. So the complex part of smart study involves you understanding yourself, naturally the...


Contents (1) foreword (2) Dedication (3) objectives (4) understanding yourself (5) be in good condition (6) mode of study (7) concentrate (8) revise after class (9) target hard things (10) add knowledge (11) spend less time (12) play to a minimum (13) do not compete (14) share knowledge (15) listen...

White House Linked to Racism

So to my mind I keep reading and thinking will Racism ever end?? Example; Racism is like an orphan child who is kept by  guardians besides parents. Two would love and cherish the extended family others would not. Racism began the day they named some other place in the world...

What happened/ Covid19

As a country and many more countries around the world have experienced lockdowns or rather shutdowns in many sectors of life. It came as a threat and also a warning but what we don't know is wether to stay with the warning and embrace the change, but what we don't...

One of the things Government

I have so many ways I feel a concerned person in authority would do It's very much easy for the government to set up an average life for every resident as demands are not that big b4 pocketing there share if they could consider a simple manageable life for everyone.......

Why Zambians Dont Want To Start A Business

Most Zambians are scared to face their fears, ask me how? it pins me alot to find people of the 50's clinging to the work environments and not the entrepreneurial Environments... Most they say, " I wanna have job security, I wanna be sure I will have food tomorrow".. Yeah...
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