(1) foreword

(2) Dedication

(3) objectives

(4) understanding yourself

(5) be in good condition

(6) mode of study

(7) concentrate

(8) revise after class

(9) target hard things

(10) add knowledge

(11) spend less time

(12) play to a minimum

(13) do not compete

(14) share knowledge

(15) listen to good music

(16) take specimen exams

(17) Taking exams


The Smart Study book is written based on experience, for the concern and wish to help many people struggling to make it through studies i came up with the fastest and easier way to cope with education and other purposes of study across the world. The book contains interesting techniques based not on the fixed type of study.

Just as science explains the differences in mind capacity in terms of understanding and perception this book figures it all for all mind capacity ranges. With the urge to help make everyone successful this book tells us that failure is an option, together despite the variance in mind capacity we can agree that what is achievable can be achieved by everyone by different means. With this knowledge you are eligible to excel and be on top academically. Getting an A or A+ is not a question but a must.

In Smart Study we study in a short period covering everything useful, being the best at exams and acquiring the best knowledge for a generation use.

Smart study begins with you having the right materials or updated context of the study course. This book is part of your solution to a successful study.

Make the A and A+ your study culture, take your time and read through this book slowly untill it emerse into your mind do not miss out a single part of it. I assure you to make it in easy ways as you study and be smart.


This book is dedicated to myself and all hardworking people in the world wishing to make it through academics. Credits goes to Jehovah God for the knowledge imparted in this Smart Study book. Iam comffident that the knowledge in this book will help you just as it helped me. Have the best of it and enjoy.


This book should help you with:

πŸ‘ Understanding that you are different

πŸ‘ Taking care of yourself in preparation for study

πŸ‘ Studying in the least possible time

πŸ‘The importance of your study strategy

πŸ‘ Being in a circle of friends

πŸ‘ Hardworking

πŸ‘ Valuing minimum play

πŸ‘The importance of music

πŸ‘ Preparing for exams and passing with A and A+

Preparing you and your mind in terms of things needed for an effective and smart study

All the best

hint yourself in the 14 series of Smart Study coming soonπŸ˜‹


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