So to my mind I keep reading and thinking will Racism ever end??

Example; Racism is like an orphan child who is kept by  guardians besides parents. Two would love and cherish the extended family others would not.

Racism began the day they named some other place in the world White House. One would wonder of course what they were thinking 🤔?? History is to be blamed cause every body has a Conscious which tells them this does not belong to us no matter how close and what feelings attached…. But others manage to overcome the differentiation.

Naturally man loves possession. They love the feeling of belonging and having, this is the reason there has been fights over land and property.

Will Racism ever end?? That’s a Trillion kwacha question, I would say

Only if blacks especially were to come back and maintain Africa as their home. Make these other continents home for business and not for stay.

Let’s maintain our yards and make our places conducive that way we all be valued.

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