Most Zambians are scared to face their fears, ask me how? it pins me alot to find people of the 50’s clinging to the work environments and not the entrepreneurial Environments… Most they say, ” I wanna have job security, I wanna be sure I will have food tomorrow”.. Yeah it is true Business is risky and what we don’t have is risk takers. Trust me if Zambia was to have a revolution in thinking to this line…we can have a better Zambia down the five years period. Many people want to be under someone, be it an Indian, white or whoever they dont care… Now think of it if every Zambian was starting his/her Enterprise after every year of employment we could have a revolutionary circle of employment were atleast an average number of people would find work, atleast everyone would have a chance to work…not the current situation were by for a youth to find employment an elderly person has to die some how somewhere….


It would be good if we treated work Environments as Capital fund raising places….

By Management


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